Candlelit Picnic

Photo from Shawn Carpenter’s flickr account

In the dark of night, the middle of the storm,
Electricity goes out — no way to light the room
Phones and flashlights dimly glow
A match strikes — a candle is light

Candles push aside the summer storm
The magic of the old world returns
Outside the winds roar and the water streams
Inside, memories rule the dark

An indoor picnic, sandwiches and chocolate milk,
Ice cream sundaes, banana splits
All to be eaten before the fridge loses it cool
Before the contents of the freezer melt

Candles light the dark and make us laugh
As finger shadows make comedies on the walls
Bringing us back to memories of camping
Shadows, noises, life in a tent

Ghost stories shared, silly jokes too
How did you meet Mom and Dad?
How did we become a family?
Memories of lives gone by and people from the past

Electricity comes back, the lights come on
The tv makes static — waiting for the cable box
The computers beep and whirr
And for tonight we turn them back off

Happy in our stormy world lit by candles
No electronics needed here
We laugh and joke and smile
Picnic in the candlelight with family all around

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