A Single Candle (Haiku 4 Parts)

Light Up Medium! Light Up The World!

Courtesy of DarkenedHeart-Stock/DeviantArt

Musical Selection (Mahalia Jackson — How I Got Over)

In the light, we live — 
Peacefully, willing to serve.
Darkness is exposed.

One million flames sparked
By a single candle, love
Whispers in the wind.

We are united — 
Globally, we speak up in
Unison. Hate grieves…

We are stronger than
Senseless motives that take flight
And bury young souls.

Author’s Note: To those of you who answered the call to “Be Light,” Ayesha, This Glorious Mess, & I, thank you. We are not yet done. We have work to do. I am asking each of you to continue to be light; to love, to speak up, to get involved, to help where help is needed. I am asking you not to let this end with Medium, that is how things fall through the cracks of hopelessness and I am not one to lose hope. It’s not happening on my watch. Peace and blessings to each of you.